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By Plamena Todorova

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Energetic, positive, and always smiling – this is the first impression Kiira Bernardi leaves in a professional setting. She is a successful career woman who is happily married with three kids, and her life so far has been everything but boring; she has had a fair share of personal and professional adventures. Most of them with Welocalize.

Kiira was born in Seattle, US, grew up in Rome, Italy, and then moved back to Seattle for university. Growing up bilingual between two cultures could be what set her up for success in the language industry. Kiira is personable, organized, and she loves puzzles and thriller movies. She loves her big family – every minute she is not working she spends with them.


We caught up with Kiira for a quick interview shortly after she had relocated back to the West Coast of the USA. She has been with Welocalize since 2014, and for the last two years has been working in Italy.

Two years ago, Kiira and her family decided to move to her parents’ home country, so that her kids could learn Italian – a great way to keep the family heritage. As Kiira worked in Talent Acquisition – a function that is present in multiple locations around the world, Welocalize was able to support her move.

The best part about this chapter of Kiira’s journey is that she not only kept her job in Talent Acquisition, but she also stepped into a global role a year after moving to Italy.

Let’s see how she got here.

The Job

If a five-year-old asks her what she does for a living, Kiira would say “I work with people from all over the world to find the best talent for our clients”. Her title is Global Senior Manager Talent Acquisition – a fancy way to say leads a team of recruiters whose job is to hire linguistic talent for the proliferating Welocalize opportunities.

Kiira has a global team to lead and lots of exciting clients to support in their language journeys. She does it with passion, and she is great at it!

How did she get here?

Kiira has a vast professional experience in different language-related roles. Back in the day, she worked as a translator and interpreter – a brilliant way to put her English-Italian background to good use. She has also worked as an Ads Evaluator and Quality Rater. She then moved on to do linguistic testing both as a freelancer (for Welocalize) and as a contractor (for a major tech company).

Kiira moved from job to job while simultaneously growing her family and her career. She is one of those people who is always up for a new challenge. Saying yes to opportunities that came her way proved pivotal to her success, and paved the way to where she is today.

The call that connected the dots

One day she received a call from Welocalize asking her if she’d be interested in becoming a recruiter with the company. Kiira had not specifically considered recruitment as a career choice, but the adventurer that she was said ‘yes’ again.

She joined the Welocalize Workforce Solutions team hiring project-based employees for on-site roles. Kiira had personally worked in most of the roles she recruited for which meant she had a very good understanding of the ins and outs of the jobs, what soft skills were important, how to select the best talent, and prepare it for the opportunity at hand.

Long before Applicant Tracking Systems were a thing, Kiira had built a solid database of high-performing linguists, who she recommended for different roles.

Do what you love. Love what you do.

This summarizes Kiira’s recipe for success within Welocalize. Her great attitude, people skills, and her ability to deliver didn’t go unnoticed. Kiira rose the ranks of the Talent Acquisition team, ultimately getting into her current global role. Day in, day out, she faces challenges with a smile on her face. Always ready for the next one.

What makes Welocalize special for Kiira?

She loves the global team at Welocalize as she loves travelling and learning about new cultures, people, and their personalities. The management team is great and supportive. There is flexibility of working from home, and above all “trust in my skills and encouragement”.

Out-of-Office passions

“I enjoy being outdoors, BBQing, hiking, swimming in the lake with my family and friends!

My degree is in visual and interactive design and I took many years of art classes: pottery, printmaking, painting etc… I would love to get back into arts but I really enjoy my career path in recruitment and managing the team, who knows what the future brings.  I also really enjoy the translation and localization world and signed up for a localization project management class this Fall!”

How do you define success? 

“As always, doing my best, in both my work environment and as a wife, mother, and friend. Also, as an accomplishment of something I aimed to do.”

If you also aim to achieve something great in the localization industry, check out our latest job openings. We’d love to hear from you!

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