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By Dimas Parramon

Kickstart Your Career: Our Top Tips for Applying for an Internship

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If you are currently thinking about how to kickstart your career, an internship can be one of the most beneficial choices you can make.

Internships exist for one main reason: offering students a chance to develop their skills and experience and make it easier to join the workplace.

It’s also an opportunity to be immersed in fields or disciplines you’ve never considered until now. The localization industry embraces many more roles than just the linguistic side of things, and should definitely be on your radar.

Are you someone with a passion for languages, and amazed on how it can build bridges between cultures?

Are you a person who takes every single given opportunity for being involved in multicultural events?

Would you like for your first career steps to be in a company with a real international environment, putting into practice non-local languages you’ve maybe learnt through your journey?

Would you be interested in being engaged with a company that truly pursues diversity?

Here are some tips to help you succeed, make a conscious choice, and prioritize your future.

1. Explore about the company.

As well as focusing on what the company does, also explore their social media platforms to better understand how the company connects with their community. What are their biggest accomplishments? What type of content do they focus on? Where do they stand on diversity, equity, and inclusion? It’s important to not only understand if you fit in with the company, but also if the company fits with your own personal values.

2. Use your research in your application.

Once you have done your research, choose the companies you would like to target, and make sure to tailor your application with anything relevant you have discovered that matches your skills and talents.

Your interviewer will be focused on understanding how the vision and values of the company reflects in your personality and past experiences.

Preparing real examples on how you’ve succeeded will help the interviewer detect if you’re a good fit for the company.

If you’ve done thorough research, you’ll (hopefully!) be applying to companies who actually care about your future, and who will be seeking to find matches between your values and the company’s – their hope is to make it possible for your career to progress in the company, after the internship.

If you feel the company doesn’t match your values or doesn’t seem to offer career progression, keep researching to find a better suited company to choose you.

3. Don’t be shy!

Bear in mind that, being a student, your interviewer will not expect you to have working experience in the field. The company is aiming to discover your potential and possibilities to create a learning path.

Come to the interview relaxed and willing to show the real you. Don’t be shy!

Here’s how a standard recruitment process usually works for an internship role, in three simple steps.

1. Screening Interview/first contact

The first step involves an interview with a member of the recruitment team, who will be, probably, the same person who contacts you after your application. In this stage you will receive all the general information from the company, and the details of the specific role or roles you have applied for.

2. Assessment stage

Assessments and tests in the recruitment process aim to assess your potential in the specific role, but this will also help you to better understand some of the real work scenarios the role comprehends. This happens after your first interview.

3. Final interview

This is the second and last interview of the recruitment process. You will be meeting your potential manager and internship tutor – it could be either the team manager, or a senior team member.

The manager has been chosen not only for being excellent in their role, but also for their mentoring capabilities. This will be the person that will take care of your development.

Check out some of our Welocalize interns’ success stories here, to read more about how Welocalize has made an impact for some former interns.

The ultimate goal of the Early Careers program in Welocalize is to provide you with personalized support during your first few months of joining the company and to help you to develop your skills, with the ultimate goal of providing you a real possibility to join the company as an employee after the internship completion.

For more information about our current open internship positions, click here.

We are looking forward to meeting YOU!

About Dimas Parramon

Dimas is a people enthusiast who has worked in several positions within the company since joining Welocalize as an intern in 2018.

He started his journey as a young talent management intern, where he had his first contact with the localization world.

He then joined the Talent Acquisition team focused on linguistic profiles in the Regulated area, and since 2021 is managing the Early Careers Program, with the scope of helping young talent shine and succeed in this complex but wonderful industry.

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