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By Plamena Todorova

We Want to Find You: Navigate LinkedIn Like an Expert

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The series, ‘What Recruiters Want You to Know’ is a collaborative effort of the Talent Acquisition team of Welocalize. We are a team of 40+ passionate individuals that spend their days finding and attracting the best talent for Welocalize’s various services and roles. We focus on making it a win-win for you and for Welocalize, and we look for those matches made in talent heaven. The articles from this series are designed to help you steer your career in the right direction and provide you with valuable insights and tips along the way. Think of us and our job openings if you are on the lookout for a new role. We add some of them on Welocalize Talent on LinkedIn and Facebook, too.

Importance of LinkedIn

We doubt you need much convincing of the importance of LinkedIn. With 722 million global users*, the social network may not be the biggest in terms of user base, but it surely cannot be ignored when it comes to your job search.  

1 in 2 people in the US alone have a profile on LinkedIn*, and 76% of all users* are based outside of the US. If you are not yet convinced that you need a stellar LinkedIn profile, maybe knowing three people get hired through LinkedIn every minute* should inspire you to take action sooner rather than later.  

Let’s see how you can improve your profile.  

What recruiters want you to know about LinkedIn 

We look for talent in many different places, and depending on the role we are recruiting for, LinkedIn is possibly one of the first platforms we go to. Why? Because it is credible, it has thousands of people in most industries and markets and communication is easy.  

Find & be found  

LinkedIn enables you to find jobs and people, and to be found too. We’d love it if you optimized your profile, so that we can easily find you and see if there is a match between your profile and the roles we are recruiting for.  


When we look for talent, we use certain keywords related to the job title or some of the most essential tasks of the role. Make sure you figure out what the most important keywords associated with your expertise are. If necessary, do some research – check some job ads and talk to people who do the job you’d like to do. Once you identify the keywords, make sure you add them to your profile.  


We’d love to know what results you have achieved in your previous roles. Corporate life is becoming increasingly data and result-oriented, so knowing about your success makes it easier for us to explain internally why you are one of the shortlisted candidates.  

Respecting your time  

We believe time is everyone’s most important asset, so we will contact you with job opportunities if we think there is a match between your profile and the job at hand. Adding information about what you are looking for and summarizing your experience and skills are a great way for us to see how suitable your profile is for the role we are recruiting for.  

How to best utilize LinkedIn 

The beauty of using LinkedIn is that once you do your groundwork, you can choose to stop there. After all, not all people like to engage in public conversations and openly share their opinions or want to invest time in that. This section outlines our recommendations about where to start and how to go pro. 

The Basics: Start here  

  • Make sure your profile picture and your cover photo look professional. 
  • Informative headline: Tell the world what you do (it can be your role, field of expertise or the impact of your work). 
  • Add relevant keywords: Recruiters search using keywords. Adding relevant keywords for your field increase your chances to be discovered.

Add “Open to work” to your profile 

The LinkedIn algorithm seems to favor profiles that have their “Open to work” feature on. This is also a great way to send recruiters a signal that you are firstly, looking for a new opportunity, and secondly, tells them what you are looking for. Talent Acquisition professionals aim to find the best talent for each role. The more specific your profile is, the more obvious it will be that you are suited for the job at hand.  

Write an appealing About section 

Use this as your business card. Assuming the visitors of your profile don’t read any further, what do you want them to know about your expertise, skills, and what you are looking for? Make sure you write all that in the About section.  

Add your employment history 

Taking into account the keywords used in your line of work, make sure you include them in your profile. Above all, list all your relevant roles. LinkedIn is your online CV and your business card, and your profile should invite interested potential employers to reach out to you.  

Build your professional brand on LinkedIn 

Once you have covered the basics, it is time to shoot for the stars. LinkedIn can be a great stage for you to build your professional brand, position yourself as an expert in a certain field, and showcase your talents.  

Here is what else you can do using LinkedIn: 

Research and follow companies  

Be it thought-leaders or companies you’d love to work for, make sure you follow those you deem relevant for your field.  

Join groups 

Find and join relevant professional groups in your industry and field.  

Engage in conversations 

Unlike other social media platforms, posting and commenting on LinkedIn does give you substantial visibility. Find people who are interesting and relevant to you professionally and engage in virtual conversations with them.  

Follow hashtags  

One of the easiest ways to find conversations of interest to you is to follow hashtags connected to your field. Find a few popular ones and check them once in a while to discover conversations worth participating in. 

Grow your network  

Since COVID-19 transformed the way we live and work, and in-person events are off limits, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to discover and connect with people from your industry and field. Make sure you add a note when you send a connection request to someone. Being kind and professional significantly increases your chances to get your request accepted.   

Virtual coffees 

As you grow more confident in using LinkedIn, reach out to interesting people or peers of yours and invite them for a virtual coffee. There are some unique roles in every organization, which means that some of us don’t have teams to work with and their daily lives can be lonelier. Be brave and ask someone you’d love to talk to you if they would spend 30-minutes to chat with you. You will be surprised to find out how often people will respond positively.  

Business intelligence  

LinkedIn gives you the chance to see how other professionals and businesses do it. Regularly spending some time researching competitors can be a great way to keep up with your industry.  

Consistency & authenticity are key 

Whichever approach you take to navigating LinkedIn, being consistent and authentic will bring you one step closer to success. As you know what you aim for – finding a new job, increasing your network or simply learning and talking to colleagues, you can use LinkedIn to achieve your career goals.  

Networking and looking for a job have never been easier. COVID has propelled us into a digital-first world, where everything is possible and only a few clicks away. Wherever you are in your career, make sure you utilize LinkedIn as best as you can. It is a powerful career tool, which can unlock doors for you.  

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About Plamena Todorova

Plamena’s eclectic professional journey encompasses digital marketing and strategy, talent acquisition, and lately employer branding. The red thread connecting all her professional experiences is her passion for creating novel solutions and working to solve complex problems. She is always busy building something, be it bridges between people and ideas, or bold visions for a brighter future. She currently leads the Employer Branding & Culture Program, where she finds creative ways to tell the world why Welocalize is a great company to work with.

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