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By Scott Sinclair

Good to Great: 5 Qualities Distinguish Successful Sales Professionals

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Welocalize is the professional home of a few thousand exceptional people. They sit on years of learning and success, which have enabled them to conquer impressive career milestonesWe could all benefit and learn from their experience.   

Scott Sinclair – Director Business Development North America, shares his perspective on what makes the difference between good and great Business Development Directors. He is also looking for a Business Development Director – Legal to join his team. 


The first thing I notice about sales professionals is passion. Are they passionate about the product or service they sell? Are they passionate about one of the key contributors to a successful career in sales, building relationships? 

The great Business Development Directors (BDDs) have long-standing relationships with their clients, based on a partnership established mutual respect and trust. They succeed because they thrive in a consultative sales environment. They thrive on being trusted advisors to their clients. However, this is not the only way to achieve success in sales, but it is the best way to ensure long-term sales success and business continuity.  

Post-COVID, clients want to partner with people who understand their business and have a passion for their business. 

The great BDDs gain insights into what is going on in the industry. They can offer them to their clients. You can keep up with industry changes and their trends if you are passionate about the industry yourself. Find your passion.  

Having a sense of accomplishment in what you do is essential. You need to satisfy first and foremost your own needs and wants. If you do it only for the paycheck, it will resonate in a way that will not make you successful. “Fake it till you make it” works only sometimes. 

Good BDDs can give you a million logical reasons to buy a product or service. The great BDDs believe in the product or service they are selling. They engage their clients by being passionate and helpful.  

The great BDDs choose their employer well, and once they are in, they embody the brand and the product/service they sell. Choose an industry you are passionate about so that you never have to fake enthusiasm.  

Passion shines through the stories we tell. Your passion (or the lack of it) will become easily visible in your job interview.  


Resilience is about having a drive. It is also about having thick skin. As a sales professional, you have one of the most critical jobs in your company, driving revenue. But the process is not always, if ever, smooth. 

Great BDDs are comfortable getting many noes. They know that the more no’s they get, the closer they are to a YES; this is another key to success.  

The sales process is a numbers game, but it is also a quality game.  

To get a better result, you need to balance quality and numbers well. It is not difficult to win a big deal once; the challenge is continuously driving sales results. Great BDDs understand that you need to be resilient to do that.   

Resilience is about focusing on the resources you have – a great product, experience and knowledge to help your client. Do not be discouraged by the noes.  

The idea of patience 

We sales professionals can be quick to calculate the value we bring to the organization. We want things to happen now. Sometimes we need to sit and wait for an order. Do not look so hungry on the outside to your clients as you feel on the inside.  

There is calmness in patience that is equally important. Great BBDs are capable of being patient and wait until the deal works for both them and the client. BDDs are there for the client without pushing them to buy. They focus on driving the relationship.  

This is where the idea of patience comes in. Some of it comes with maturity, not from the perspective of age, but from having more experience. Great BDDs are interested in driving a relationship that works for everyone. The moment you prioritize driving revenue over the relationship, you run the risk of hurting it irrevocably.   

The real art of it all is knowing when to push and when to wait. Using patience and resilience together is like a dance.  

Process = The Foundations of Sales 

Sales is a science and an art. Great BDDs can articulate both to drive their success by intentionally designing their schedule and their communication. They have a process behind their actions; with their passion, resilience, patience and empathy, enhancing this process.  

Presenting the value proposition is also a part of the sales process: what you can do for the client and how you can help them. How and when do you communicate that? How do you build a partnership with your clients? These are all questions that have situational answers, which great BDDs can capably navigate. As a result, they build a mutually beneficial relationship.  


You work with human beings. Your ability to empathize with them will significantly improve your success rates. It would be best to reach out to existing clients, new clients, happy clients, not so happy clients. Their schedule may not be your schedule. Their response may not be the response that you want. They may not even want to have a conversation with you. You need to figure out a way to have a conversation with them. 

Whatever industry and role you are in, following these simple tips can help you take the escalator to success.  

If you are a BDD on the lookout for a new opportunity, check our latest sales openings. We’d love to hear from you.  

About Scott Sinclair

Successful business leader, entrepreneur and individual contributor in the legal, financial and consumer industries. Extensive experience in service and technology sales, operational leadership, strategy formulation and implementation, change management, strategic partnerships as well, P&L responsibility.

Proven track record to lead and inspire teams, develop business in new markets and uncover new opportunities to drive revenue, profitability and market share. Successful in developing and leading high-performing teams selling services to public and private corporations, law firms, investment banks and private equity firms.

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