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By Javier Campos

Ready for Your Next Career Move? Start Here

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If you feel ready for your next career move, we have some ideas of how you can go about it.  

Before you start applying for jobs across the Internet, hit the pause button and prepare for your job hunt thoroughly. Begin with your current employer – the most obvious place to seek career progression. 

Decide what Kind of Job you want 

Consider where your talents and passion overlap with the needs of hiring companies. We all want to nail that sweet spot where we get paid to do what we love.  

Reflect on the goals of your next move – whether you want more money, a challenge, more responsibility, or a complete career change.  

Start with your Current Employer 

The first thing you can do when it comes to career progression is to look no further than your current employer. Think about how things have evolved since you started: Do you feel you have progressed in your current role? More importantly, what could your current employer offer you to help you grow?  

You may notice that you need to leave the organization to discover a new opportunity. If you decide to stay, you will be up for an easier journey than moving to a new company and role; you already know the company, the culture, and your colleagues. 

Yes, I am on board! What are my Next Steps? 

Before you mention the question:  

Identify whom to speak with: Depending on the company’s size, it could be your line manager, director, or HR (Human Resources) department.  

Choose the type of meeting: You can go for a formal meeting or a chat over coffee, consider what will work best for your company culture and size.  

Once you have established this, go ahead, and schedule a meeting. 

During the Meeting 

Aim to determine if any roles are coming up that could align with your career goals. It is important to identify if the company plans to expand your department which could open new career opportunities for your preferred career path. At this stage, your main goal is to gather information.  

Show interest in the company’s success and growth objectives and communicate why you would like a career change within your organisation. It is important to determine if opportunities are available to you in advance of this conversation, however asking to progress within an organization shows commitment and loyalty.  

Aim for a win-win. The matches made can facilitate the long-term success of both the company and the individual. The career progression is yours, but the change also must work for the company.  

Emphasize your achievements, experience, and skills that align with the company’s objectives so that whoever is sitting across from you, you see the match. And voilà! You have opened the door to career progression in your current company

The Meeting is Over, Your Work is not Done yet 

Further discussions will be needed regarding your responsibilities, training, job title, and pay rise, among others. If one of your motivations to change your job is a salary increase, tread carefully and make sure the first question you ask is not “how much is the salary for this role?” If the final figure does not match your expectations, you have a clear sign; it may be better to look elsewhere. 

Do not Make this Mistake 

Do not hand in your resignation before you explore your options with your current organization. We often start looking for another job, and then, when we hand in our resignation, we find out that our boss appreciates us and does not want us to leave, so they offer us what we were looking for. Spare yourself from all the hassle of job hunting, interviewing, having long chats with recruiters, negotiating salaries, and all the disappointments. 

It is always worth asking your employer first – you may be surprised by the answer. 

If you do not have any prospects in your current company and decide to look for another job, make sure you check out our latest job openings

About Javier Campos

Javier is an accomplished leader with 15 years’ experience in Talent Acquisition under his belt. Having started his career in accounting, he quickly realized he wanted to work with people. He intuitively took up recruitment and built an impressive career in the field. What makes him successful is his passion for finding the best available talent for each role and bringing them into the company. He currently leads the Corporate Global Talent Acquisition team at Welocalize.

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